Important Information

As you maybe aware, we have recently launched our brand-new website. Packed with loads of amazing and new features, it is truly a thing of beauty but sadly, this also means it will soon be time to bid farewell to the existing website… And so as of 30/04/2018 the existing website will be no longer be accessible.

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Here’s what’s going to happen:


From now on it is no longer possible to purchase product vouchers on the “old” website. Although of course, you’ll find them readily available on the new website instead. Any active and unused vouchers will be transferred to new website, if not redeemed by the time the existing site is shut down on 30/04 (this won’t affect their expiry dates). Until then they can only be used on our old website.

Existing creations

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer any existing creations to the new website. This in return means, that they will have to be finished and ordered by 30/04/2018, as they won’t be accessible thereafter.
You’ll also find that you won’t be able to start a new creation on our old website. This can now only be done on the new one.

Your uploaded images

As with existing creations, any previously uploaded photos will not be available on our new site, and permanently deleted once old website is turned off.
Sadly, we won’t be able to make them available for download either.
The good news – any photos uploaded directly to the new website will of course remain available for the use in future projects (so only need to be added once)!

And as always, should you have any further questions or need any assistance please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team at

To return to our old website, click here