Thank you for visiting our new website!

You’ll be glad to hear that, apart from the more obvious improvements in appearance, we’ve also given our software a major overhaul!

Here’s what’s new (is that a drum roll we’re hearing?)

The Software Make-over

Our new editor now includes lots of new features and designs, such as image frames, backgrounds, masks and cliparts! You can sort your images by time added, file name and of course have the popular “Autofill” option available.
Although we’ve got several layouts available, you now also get to create your own custom layouts, with the freedom to move text and photo spaces to where you want them!
Oh, and did we mention our new “undo” button? This simple, yet important addition will give you added peace of mind. Don’t like a change you’ve made? Simply reverse your last action and try again.

Fast and hassle-free uploading of photos

Say goodbye to the old school uploader, and hello to our brand new and super-fast image adding feature within the editor! Add your photos in mere seconds, from either your device or favourite Social Media sites!
Best of all - all added photos will remain stored and ready to use in future projects!

Need help? It’s now even easier to get in touch!

We’ve created a dedicated Contact Us page, which allows you to drop us a quick message. You also get to attach files (often helps us understand the problem) and even link the query to your existing order.

Truly personalised Calendars

Always wanted more freedom when creating your calendar? You’re going to love this – All our calendars are now completely customisable!
Add your events, preferred theme, backgrounds and cliparts to the now fully editable layouts. Of course, you still get to choose the start month, so can create your calendar at any time!

Collage Poster and Canvas Builder

Apart from single posters/canvases, we now also offer collages!
And they’re super easy to create! Choose your favourite layout, drag and drop your selected snaps - done! Our new lifestyle preview lets you see how your canvas or poster prints look in real life.

Can’t find your previous photos or creations?

Sadly, these couldn’t be transferred across from the old website. As explained in our several notification emails, there’s a multitude of technical reasons for this (we did of course look into every possibility).

Your previously purchased vouchers

These have been transferred onto our new website, so you can now use them for next project. To view them, simply see the My Vouchers section.

And as always, should you have any further questions or need any assistance please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team at